Collinite Boat Products

Collinite Polish

Ask any yard man which wax lasts longest and shines brightest — even in salt water. He’ll tell you it’s Collinite Boat Wax, formulated to survive and protect under even the toughest conditions. It’s loaded with the rarest, natural Carnauba so it produces an armor-like barrier against chemicals, acids, and even Mother Nature . Collinite products may be purchased through Broken Bay Boat Sales.

Fiberglass Boat Cleaner (No. 920)

Easily removes dirt, film, oxidation, oil, grease, rust and exhaust stains from fiberglass finishes. Restores the original color quickly without hard rubbing or buffing. Leaves a chemically clean surface to which Collinite waxes can bond perfectly. Increases long-lasting brilliance and performance of protective wax coating. Apply the 925 fiberglass boat wax or the 885 Fleetwax after the 920 has been applied for maximum protection.

Fiberglass Boat Wax (No. 925)

Goes on easy and stays on all season for a wipe and shine deck, glistening topsides, and a super slippery bottom. Contains a special pure Carnauba wax formula proven in harsh industrial environments. It will easily shrug off scrubbing, scuffing, detergents, salt water and marine organisms…all year long.

Liquid Fleetwax (No. 870)

Cleans, protects and beautifies marine finishes in one easy operation. No hard rubbing or buffing. Contains rare, pure Carnauba waxes combined with advanced polymer technology. Leaves double coating of protection that lasts & lasts.

Outperforms products costing many times more.

Paste Fleetwax (No. 885)

For Marine & Aeronautical Finishes. Developed especially to seal and shield against acid rain, sun, salt spray, bugs and other environmental acids. Easily applied and non-abrasive, wax will prevent finish deterioration and the adhesion of foreign elements.

It has been listed as the #1 rated boat wax three times by two of the industry’s most respected consumer journals.

Metal Wax (No. 850)

This easy to use liquid metal wax cleans and protects chrome, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel in one easy step. Will safely remove rust and salt deposits while protecting marine fittings/accessories and car, truck and motorcycle metal finishes. Contains neither strong acid, nor harsh alkali.

Mold Release (No. 900)

A highly versatile, durable paste-type mold release for those who require the best. No hard rubbing or machine buffing is necessary. It is used extensively for normal hand lay-up and spray-up molding in the manufacture of fiberglass boats.

Collinite’s Mold Release has been extensively tested and approved by the world’s largest fiberglass manufacturers in molding processes, both filled and unfilled, with and without gelcoat. It surpassed all others!